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About Us

Hello and Fàilte to the Cambridge University Scottish Society ('ScotSoc')! We're a student-run society for Cantabrigians born in, from, with connections to or with an interest in Scotland. Read on to find out about our events and our access efforts!

Events: we organise pub trips, cèilidhs, Burns Suppers, sports nights, Gaelic lessons... we'll take just about any excuse to get together and feel a wee bit less homesick! Go to 'Whit's Oan' to see our full events calendar!

Access: We need more Scots at Cambridge. If you're a prospective applicant from Scotland, we've compiled some Scotland-specific resources to help with your Cambridge application at 'Applying to Cambridge?' Also, feel free to get in touch ('Contact Us') if you've got any questions about applying!

Hope to see yous around!